ER #182, July, 2004

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Issue Contents

0G4GEN,Photographs of Hams
2W1AW Am Gear Installation, June 18 2004!Gagnon,Miscellaneous - General
3AM Scene in the UK, Historical Background and Current Activity, TheGordon-Smith,Miscellaneous - Operating
4G3VKM,Photographs of Hams
5G3RXH,Photographs of Hams
8G4XWD,Photographs of Hams
10G4GEN,Photographs of Hams
14Meissner Signal Shifter, The OriginalHanlon,Transmitters
19Johnson Ranger I and II for PTT, Modifying theGuretzky,Modifications
23The Restoration Corner - Cheap and Easy Power Supply ProtectionSloss,Collecting/Repair/Restoration
24The Restoration Corner - A Unique Method of Neutralizing HF or VHF AmplifiersAhmann,Collecting/Repair/Restoration
25Globe Scout 65A, TheWheeler,Transmitters
30RF-LO Tracking Problem in Superhet Receivers, The (Part 1)Eckstrom,Miscellaneous - Technical
35K1JJBarber,Photographs of Hams
35KA9TOCCallahan,Photographs of Hams
35W9AMRCallahan,Photographs of Hams
35WA1QIXBarber,Photographs of Hams
36K1JJBarber,Photographs of Hams
36KW1IBarber,Photographs of Hams
36NE1SBarber,Photographs of Hams
36W1GGYBarber,Photographs of Hams
36WA1QIXBarber,Photographs of Hams
36WA1SSJBarber,Photographs of Hams
36WA2PJPBarber,Photographs of Hams
36W. J. Halligan, Newspaper Reporter and the State of Radio, 1923-1924 (Part 5B)Barber,Photographs of Hams


Electric Radio #182 for July, 2004

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