ER #181, June 2004


Issue Contents

0K9EID,Photographs of Hams
0WD9HHU,Photographs of Hams
0Mike Dickey,Photographs of Non-Hams
2Great Dixie Boatanchor HaulHartman,Miscellaneous - General
4NM1H,Photographs of Hams
8WA4MIY,Photographs of Hams
9N6FX,Photographs of Hams
9W2MPK,Photographs of Hams
11Homebrew MicrophonesBipes,Collecting/Repair/Restoration
15The Restoration Corner - Transmitter Service and Maintenance Hints, Part 2Heathkit,Collecting/Repair/Restoration
19QRP Commander, The (Gonset)Guretzky,Collecting/Repair/Restoration
27Workbench Audio MonitorMarcellino,Construction
29Simple Audio for the R-390AMurphy,Military
38W. J. Halligan, Newspaper Reporter and the State of Radio, 1923-1924 (Part 5A)Grinder,Companies and Individuals
41Audio Circuit Design in the R-390 Receiver FamilyOsterwald,Military

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