ER #170, July 2003


Issue Contents

01UL,Photographs of Hams
2Vintage Field Day Report (2003)Jennings,Contests
3KO6NM,Photographs of Hams
3WJ6W,Photographs of Hams
4W. J. Halligan, Newspaper Reporter and the State of Radio, 1923-1924 (Part 1)Grinder,Companies and Individuals
16Stancor 10-P Transmitter Kit, TheTeeters,Transmitters
21Pickup Your RF - Multi-Channel RF Pickups in a BoxMarcellino,Construction
25Today's Kits - An Evaluation of the Hi-Res PEP Adapter and a QSK Adapter for Classic StationsMarquie,Reviews
30Enhanced Single Sideband - Has it Created a Threat to AM'ers?Maier,Miscellaneous - General
332Collins KWM-2 on 160 Meters, Using theGuretzky,Modifications
35K6DPZ,Photographs of Hams
40Radio's Golden Age (The Salesman), Episode 24Vaughan,Miscellaneous - General
46Contributor's Photo Album; Bill Wheeler, K0DEW,Companies and Individuals
46K0DEW,Photographs of Hams
47K0DEW,Photographs of Hams


Electric Radio Magazine for July, 2003. Now 64 pages!

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