ER #166, March 2003


Issue Contents

0KC4CMR,Photographs of Hams
3Real Audio for AM, Part 2Kleronomos,Audio and Modulation
8Restoration and Modification of My Collins 74A-1, Part 2, TheFeldmann,Modifications
14KD6OS High-Powered Mobile Station, TheOlsen,Miscellaneous - General
15KO6NO,Photographs of Hams
19W6TQQ,Photographs of Hams
19Bejamin Meissner,Photographs of Non-Hams
20Life After the D-104Peters,Audio and Modulation
22Dow-Key and Potter & Brumfield Story, AMarcellino,Miscellaneous - Technical
27Just ListeningOlmstead,Miscellaneous - Operating
28Radio Service in the Golden Age, 1930's through the 50's (Episode 19)Vaughan,Miscellaneous - General
32W6NTM,Photographs of Hams
32Dick Walser RememberedBridges,Silent Keys
35Hallicrafters SX-115, TheCovelli,Receivers
41Mystery Test SetHruza,Miscellaneous - General


March 2003 Electric Radio Magazine
Issue #166

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