ER #163, December 2002


Issue Contents

0Marshall Pope (1939),Photographs of Non-Hams
2West Coast AMI UpdateFeldmann,AM International
2K9EID,Photographs of Hams
3Real Audio for AM (Microphones)Kleronomos,Audio and Modulation
10RCA AR-60 Story, APevner,Receivers
18Globe Champ 150, The Little TRansmitter that Time Forgot, TheMarquie,Transmitters
24Gonset G66 and G77 Mobile TwinsHanlon,Receivers
24Gonset G66 and G77 Mobile TwinsHanlon,Transmitters
30Radio Service in the Golden Age, 1930's through the 50's (Episode 19)Vaughan,Miscellaneous - General
36Ground Loops Revisited, Part 2Osterwald,Miscellaneous - Technical
42R390A Mainframe and Module Contract Numbers UpdateMarcotte/Locklear,Military


ER #163, December 2002

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