ER #161, October 2002


Issue Contents

0W6AWO,Photographs of Hams
2Electric Radio Lives!Olsen,Miscellaneous - General
3Vintage Communication Weekend on the S.S. Lane Victory, ADuVall, Dillman,Miscellaneous - Operating
3W7QHO,Photographs of Hams
5WB6HQK,Photographs of Hams
7W6AWO,Photographs of Hams
8WB3HUZ,Photographs of Hams
8W3F Story, TheCourson,Miscellaneous - Operating
11WB3HUZ,Photographs of Hams
11AA3WH,Photographs of Hams
11K2DX,Photographs of Hams
11K3ZRF,Photographs of Hams
11KB3AHE,Photographs of Hams
11W2INR,Photographs of Hams
11WA3VJB,Photographs of Hams
13K3YA,Photographs of Hams
13K3ZRF,Photographs of Hams
13N2YR,Photographs of Hams
13W2INR,Photographs of Hams
13W3HM,Photographs of Hams
14Radio Service in the Golden Age, 1930's through the 50's (Episode 17)Vaughan,Miscellaneous - General
20Command Set ReferenceHruza,Military
30Russian BC-348 Clone, A (Letter)Fors,Military
32Lake Erie Boatanchors Group Summer MeetingCovelli,Miscellaneous - Operating
33KA4JVY,Photographs of Hams
33WB0IQK,Photographs of Hams
34WB8BPA,Photographs of Hams
34WB8ZEJ,Photographs of Hams
34KC8QGJ,Photographs of Hams
35AA8TV,Photographs of Hams
35N3BRY,Photographs of Hams
35W8ATH,Photographs of Hams
35WB0IQK,Photographs of Hams
36If You Build It, They Will ComeHowes,Miscellaneous - Operating
40New Filters for the Drake TR-4 CW TransceiverCovelli,Modifications


ER #161, October 2002

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