ER #16, August 1990


Issue Contents

0W8DFV,Photographs of Hams
2Reflections Down the Feedline (FCC & DSB-AM)Huntley,Miscellaneous - General
3Visit to the FCC, AHutchens,Miscellaneous - General
4Military Miscellany, ER In UniformHutchens,Military
14Heritage of CW, TheSkidmore,Miscellaneous - General
16KD4AJ,Photographs of Hams
16VE6GY,Photographs of Hams
17AI7Y,Photographs of Hams
17K7GCO,Photographs of Hams
17K7NU,Photographs of Hams
17K7YIR,Photographs of Hams
17VE7FY,Photographs of Hams
17W2HBE,Photographs of Hams
17W6PKW,Photographs of Hams
17W7JKY,Photographs of Hams
17WA7AMI,Photographs of Hams
18Breadboarding, Easy,Collecting/Repair/Restoration
18Grow Your Own Skyhook,Collecting/Repair/Restoration
18Humid Environments and Older GearSwynar,Collecting/Repair/Restoration
1915 Meter ContestWiseman,Contests
22Harrington, Ed, W1JEL: The Man Behind the NC-300 Dream ReceiverMaier,Companies and Individuals
23W1JEL,Photographs of Hams
25Steve's Hamfest ReportSauer,Hamfests/Conventions
26Will Your Amateur Radio Equipment Get Proper DispositionMills,Miscellaneous - General
271990 Atlanta Hamfest and AM ForumHoward,Hamfests/Conventions
27AA4RM,Photographs of Hams
27K00CC,Photographs of Hams
27KQ4S,Photographs of Hams
27W2IQ,Photographs of Hams
27W4PNM,Photographs of Hams


ER #16, August 1990

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