ER #159, August 2002


Issue Contents

0KD0ZSJenkins,Photographs of Hams
2Summer Radio Fun in New EnglandGagnon,Miscellaneous - Operating
3KW1I,Photographs of Hams
3W2ILA,Photographs of Hams
4AJ1G,Photographs of Hams
4WA2AUI,Photographs of Hams
4WB2JWU,Photographs of Hams
5W1NZR,Photographs of Hams
6QCWA Chapter 207, NOS-AMCowart,Miscellaneous - Operating
7K1JNNYoungman,Photographs of Hams
13WA8SAJ,Photographs of Hams
13WB3KRS (In 50's),Photographs of Hams
14FU-40 (Burstein-Applebee) Exciter, TheHood,Transmitters
18W1ICP,Photographs of Hams
18W1RT,Photographs of Hams
20Home-Made Plig-in Coil FormsDennison,Construction
22Thermal AMOsterwald,Miscellaneous - Technical
25Radio Service in the Golden Age, 1930's through the 50's (Episode 15)Vaughan,Miscellaneous - General
31Radio Physics: A Beginner's ExperienceMeadows,Miscellaneous - General
39D-104 Boom MicGilger,Construction
42Military Radio Collectors Association MeetHamersma,Hamfests/Conventions


ER #159, August 2002

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