ER #150, November 2001

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Issue Contents

0WA0BPUN0BS,Photographs of Hams
2November Update (RTTY on 3885)Kleronomos,AM International
4AN/GRC-26A Communications System, Restoring the (Part 1)Kinderman,Military
11WB9OZR,Photographs of Hams
12Low-Cost Regen, ADennison,Construction
16KH6UWD4PLI,Photographs of Hams
16WA2CBZ,Photographs of Hams
17K0EOON0BS,Photographs of Hams
17KB8TVBK8PVW,Photographs of Hams
18Gates Vanguard, TheKabrick,Transmitters
20Repair a Transmitter, How to, Part 4Hanlon,Transmitters
25Radio Service in the Golden Age, 1930's through the 50's (Episode 6)Vaughan,Miscellaneous - General
28HV Probe AdapterMarcellino,Test Equipment
30Not So Scratchy' Apache, TheZook,Modifications
32R-390A Automatic Gain Control CircuitsOsterwald,Military
36Broadcast Transmitter Primer, ATeeters,Transmitters
39N6ZU,Photographs of Hams


ER #150, November 2001

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