ER #143, April 2001


Issue Contents

0W1GWD (As K1MVP),Photographs of Hams
2K5NYT,Photographs of Hams
2Gene Tincher, K5NYTLeMarr,Silent Keys
3April Update (160 Band Plan, Dayton)Gagnon,AM International
4Moving a Broadcast Transmitter to the Ham BandsDorrough,Transmitters
5KO6NM,Photographs of Hams
5Kay Dorrough,Photographs of Non-Hams
12Crystal Marker for Receiver CalibrationMarcellino,Construction
14Military Radio Collectors Group Meeting 2001DuVall,Hamfests/Conventions
15KO6NM,Photographs of Hams
15Hammarlund SP10X, The Story of MyParsons,Receivers
16W1SKS,Photographs of Hams
18TM-1 Tuning Meter, TheBonomo,Reviews
20Story of Two Radios, The, Part 1Vaughan,Receivers
26How to Repair a Receiver, Part 2Hanlon,Receivers
34Eldico SSB-1000F, TheHarris,Amplifiers


ER #143, April 2001

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