ER #138, November 2000


Issue Contents

0N1LIS,Photographs of Hams
2Weird and Wonderful Signals I Have HeardOrr,Miscellaneous - General
4November Update (AMI Discovery Weekend, Thansgiving AM Jamboree)Osterwald ,AM International
10150 Watt Crystal Oscillator, TheTeeters,Transmitters
14Calling All Broadcasting Transmitters (Owner-Type List)Courson,Miscellaneous - General
15QST...QST...QST... (AMI/ER Heavy Metal Rally and QSO Party)Kleronomos,Contests
16More Fun With a DX-60Breshears,Modifications
18Heterodyne VFO's and Frequency Stability (Letters)Chester,Miscellaneous - Technical
20Variable Link Antenna CouplingVaughan,Miscellaneous - Technical
26RME-70, TheHanlon,Receivers
32RCA 50E 50KW Broadcast TransmitterWiseman,Transmitters
34Tommy Bolack,Photographs of Non-Hams
36Valiant for the 21st Century, A (Corrections)Marcellino,Modifications
37Collins 2001 CalendarCrestohl,Reviews
38Regarding VFO Article in October Issue (Letter)Reed,Miscellaneous - Technical
39Regarding Amplifier Article in September Issue (Letter)Enemark,Miscellaneous - Technical


ER #138, November 2000

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