ER #137, October 2000


Issue Contents

0WB9EMD (1950's),Photographs of Hams
2MRCA's First Annual Military Radio MeetKlase,Military
3K1KHP,Photographs of Hams
3KB3ELD,Photographs of Hams
3KD3BS,Photographs of Hams
3KF4FOR,Photographs of Hams
3KW1I,Photographs of Hams
3N1PHV,Photographs of Hams
3N2SPJ,Photographs of Hams
3N3FRQ,Photographs of Hams
3N3NNG,Photographs of Hams
3N3RZU,Photographs of Hams
3W2EJT,Photographs of Hams
3W2ILA,Photographs of Hams
3W3PWW,Photographs of Hams
3W6DJX,Photographs of Hams
3WB2JWU,Photographs of Hams
3WB3CTC,Photographs of Hams
3WF2U,Photographs of Hams
4KC4TOS,Photographs of Hams
6SST-1 Transmitter, TheTeeters,Military
10VFO Bake Off, ABrownstein,Miscellaneous - Technical
14Three-Way QSO Using HB GearHooper,Miscellaneous - Operating
14KF6AR,Photographs of Hams
15W7JWA,Photographs of Hams
16W6ICM,Photographs of Hams
17Inexpensive Power Adjustment Device, AnOlmstead,Construction
18At Last... 10 Meters LivesRose,Miscellaneous - Operating
20Modern Band-Switching Regen, ADennison,Construction
25Book Review - Tube Testers and Classic Electronic Test GearSibley,Reviews
26Valiant for the 21st Century, AMarcellino,Modifications
32Van der Biji and the Knight-Kit KG-686Hogrefe,Miscellaneous - Technical
40MRCA Meet Photos, Additional,Military


ER #137, October 2000

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