ER #135, July/August 2000


Issue Contents

0W1ICPDebragga-Case,Photographs of Hams
2W1ICPArmann,Photographs of Hams
2Lew McCoy, W1ICPWiseman,Silent Keys
3K8MLV/0,Photographs of Hams
3Rick Miczak, K8MLV/0Olsen,Silent Keys
4Electric Radio in Uniform (BC-659)DuVall,Military
11Heathkit C-3 Condenser Checker, TheHanlon,Test Equipment
132000 Fall Classic (& Homebrew) Radio Exchange,Miscellaneous - Operating
14AN/GRR-5 Gas ReceiverTeeters,Military
18W7HC,Photographs of Hams
18Harry Snyder, W7HCHiggins,Silent Keys
20De-bugging Homebrew Rigs, Part 2Vaughan,Miscellaneous - Technical
27Homebrew Crystal Switching BoxCook,Miscellaneous - Technical
28Those Colorful Crystal SetsDennison,Receivers
32Vintage Field Day Report (N6CSW)Wiseman,Miscellaneous - Operating
32Vintage Field Day Report (W4MEW)Teeters,Miscellaneous - Operating
32Shirley WisemanLinstruth,Photographs of Non-Hams
33Vintage Field Day Report (K5HPF)Anderson,Miscellaneous - Operating
34Vintage Field Day Report (K8WPI)Buchanan,Miscellaneous - Operating
34K5CNZ,Photographs of Hams
34K8WPI,Photographs of Hams
34KC5YKX,Photographs of Hams
34WA5AAO,Photographs of Hams
35Hospital Bed MobileNapoli,Miscellaneous - General
36Miscellaneous - TechnicalPoirrier,Miscellaneous - Technical
36Park Cunningham, W8HSCLandes,Silent Keys
38Letter from New ZelandSewing,Miscellaneous - General
39Notice (Request for early Dow-Key Information)Burlingame,Miscellaneous - General


ER #135, July and August 2000 (Double Issue)

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