ER #133, May 2000


Issue Contents

0KC8BAP,Photographs of Hams
2Looking Back (More on George Grammer)McCoy,Miscellaneous - General
3AMI Update (Dayton, AM on 17 Meters)Gagnon,AM International
3East Coast Old Military Radio Net CW SessionBrowne,Miscellaneous - Operating
4W9WHM,Photographs of Hams
4John Leary, W9WHMThurtell,Silent Keys
8WQ8U,Photographs of Hams
8Howard 435A and Friends, TheHanlon, MacAulay,Receivers
14Gonset Communicator, TheTeeters,Transceivers
18KG7BZ's Military Boatanchors Manuals CD, Volumne 1Crestohl,Reviews
20Fun With a DX-60Breshears,Modifications
21WC3K,Photographs of Hams
24Longwave Products 75A-4 FiltersOsterwald,Reviews
27W3HM's Assessment of the Longwave 75A-4 FiltersMills,Reviews
31Military NC-183D From ER #131, More on theWiseman,Military
32MM-1, a 1-Tube Receiver, TheDennison,Construction
38K5HPF,Photographs of Hams
38W0XV,Photographs of Hams
39WA7YBSRosenhahn,Photographs of Hams


ER #133, May 2000

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