ER #131, March 2000


Issue Contents

0W5SJ (In 1955),Photographs of Hams
2Looking Back (Receivers)McCoy,Miscellaneous - General
3W5SJ and his Novice DaysPriakos,Companies and Individuals
3Photographs of Hams,Photographs of Hams
4RCA 50KW Ampliphase Less 49.7KWTeeters,Transmitters
8PTO Design RecollectionsHodgin,Miscellaneous - Technical
10dB or not dBHogrefe,Miscellaneous - Technical
13Old and the New, Ranger II and Titan-2, TheClark,Miscellaneous - Technical
14One of a Kind TransmitterWiseman,Transmitters
16K0XI,Photographs of Hams
17VE4WG,Photographs of Hams
17Harry Weber,Photographs of Non-Hams
18Viking Ranger PTT Modification, AnotherBrunner,Modifications
2030K-4 Revived, AShutt,Transmitters
28Displaying Those Old Transmitting TubesFranke,Miscellaneous - General
32Collins Collectors Association Cruise, November '99Zonnefeld,Miscellaneous - Operating
33K0BSMiller,Photographs of Hams
33WB5WUXMiller,Photographs of Hams
34K0BS,Photographs of Hams
34K0DAS,Photographs of Hams
34KK5IM,Photographs of Hams
34W0LTL,Photographs of Hams
34W2WIL,Photographs of Hams
34WB5WUX,Photographs of Hams
35W0LTL,Photographs of Hams
36Rebuilding Caps In R-390s, R-388s and other BoatanchorsPoplawski,Miscellaneous - Technical


ER #131, March 2000

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