ER #128, December 1999


Issue Contents

0NR5Q,Photographs of Hams
2Looking Back (Christmas at ARRL HQ)McCoy,Miscellaneous - General
3Product Detector for Collins R-390 and 51J ReceiversBonomo,Reviews
4BC-610 Revisited, The, Part 3Grinder,Military
5K7AK,Photographs of Hams
12Fred Hammond, VE3HC,Silent Keys
13VE3HC,Photographs of Hams
16W4JOW3YXN,Photographs of Hams
16W8MPCW3YXN,Photographs of Hams
17W3YCHW5ZLC,Photographs of Hams
17WX4RW3YXN,Photographs of Hams
1815M Jamboree Report,Contests
20Christmas Tree and Other LightsVaughan,Miscellaneous - General
24T-195 VFO, TheHanlon,Miscellaneous - Technical
28K7BDY PTT Unit UpdateFitzgerald,Construction
30Some Thoughts Down an Old LogMeadows,Miscellaneous - General
32W5BM,Photographs of Hams
32Screen Grid Modulated Transmitter Using a 4-1000A Tube, AErath,Transmitters
41Sixth Annual Colorado Morning Group AMI Thanksgiving Day Bash, TheWiseman,Miscellaneous - Operating


ER #128, December 1999

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