ER #122, June 1999


Issue Contents

0W6ICM,Photographs of Hams
2Looking Back (ARRL Awards Committee)McCoy,Miscellaneous - General
3Learning the Code... Military StyleLocklear,Military
4Electric Radio in Uniform (4th Annual Military Radio Collectors Group Meeting)DuVall,Military
6N7APLBrown,Photographs of Hams
8N6ZUDuVall,Photographs of Hams
8W7VQHOgan,Photographs of Hams
9K6PWFDillman,Photographs of Hams
10Vacuum Tube MobileTeeters,Miscellaneous - General
12So Close to Greatness!Shutt,Miscellaneous - General
13Philo T. Farnsworth,Photographs of Non-Hams
15K6GKU,Photographs of Hams
15W0NKL,Photographs of Hams
16TA1AC,Photographs of Hams
16VE4BXSamchuk,Photographs of Hams
17K8GJWMeyer,Photographs of Hams
17KO3LMeyer,Photographs of Hams
17N8CTMeyer,Photographs of Hams
17WA6RBQHooper,Photographs of Hams
17WB3FAUMeyer,Photographs of Hams
18N5ZIH,Photographs of Hams
20BC-375-H, TheGeipel,Military
24Curing Chirp in a Globe Chief DeluxeFlaugher,Modifications
29ARC-5 RevisitedChipps,Military
30Using Non-standard Temperature Compensating Capacitors in Old VFO'sBurger,Miscellaneous - Technical
32WB6VMI,Photographs of Hams
34National NC-183D, The Revival of a (AVC/S-Meter)Brower,Modifications
38Collins 30S-1 Screen Current Problem, The NotoriousMorton,Modifications
39QSLS Come to Lab (Library of American Broadcasting),Miscellaneous - General


ER #122, June 1999

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