ER #121, May 1999


Issue Contents

0WA0NUH,Photographs of Hams
4Arthur Collins' 1925 Amateur Station, Part Two, The TransmitterJenkins,Construction
5Margaret JenkinsJenkins,Photographs of Non-Hams
12Elmac AF-68 Trans-citer, TheHanlon,Transmitters
16WA4OIDClark,Photographs of Hams
16KR4HMClark,Photographs of Hams
17VE3GQD,Photographs of Hams
18WB4VVISawyer,Photographs of Hams
18Eric Evans, WB4VVISawyer,Silent Keys
20Waste not... (Toilet Seat Radio)Vaughan,Construction
24BC-375 'Broadcast' Transmitter, TheTeeters,Miscellaneous - General
30Receiver for the Ten Meter AM Window, AToepfer,Receivers
34More from N0DMS (75A4 Mods and Alignment)Osterwald,Miscellaneous - Technical
36W0NF,Photographs of Hams
36An AM Christmas in OctoberSchumacher,Miscellaneous - Operating
36AE7C,Photographs of Hams
36K0MP,Photographs of Hams
36N0KV,Photographs of Hams
37W0NF,Photographs of Hams
38K0MP,Photographs of Hams
38W0NF,Photographs of Hams
42Heathkit Mohawk Schematic with K6AD Mods AvailableBonomo,Miscellaneous - General


ER #121, May 1999

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