ER #118, February 1999


Issue Contents

0W5EU,Photographs of Hams
0W5OLY,Photographs of Hams
2Looking Back (Laird Campbell W1CUT)McCoy,Miscellaneous - General
3N2KSZ Memorial 160-Meter Contest ResultsWiseman,Contests
4Grid-Current-Less Wonder' AM Transmitter, TheDilworth,Construction
10SX-100 Precision Frequency Meter, TheTeeters,Miscellaneous - Technical
12First CCA National Convention, TheMaier,Hamfests/Conventions
12K1GXTHalverson,Photographs of Hams
12KK5IMHalverson,Photographs of Hams
12W5BGPHalverson,Photographs of Hams
12W5EUHalverson,Photographs of Hams
12WA3CEXHalverson,Photographs of Hams
13WA5VVTDuprey,Photographs of Hams
15WA3CEXMaier,Photographs of Hams
16W5EUJenkins,Photographs of Hams
18Tips on Restoring the Central Electronics 100VGregowski,Collecting/Repair/Restoration
20EHA * Shortwave Receiver, TheVaughan,Receivers
28Plant Culture With High Tension CurrentCurtis,Miscellaneous - Technical
34Improved 2-Tube Regen, AnDennison,Construction
38Angel Modulation in an 8000 lb NATO WrapperBest,Miscellaneous - General
38WA7CPA,Photographs of Hams


ER #118, February 1999

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