ER #111, July 1998


Issue Contents

0Les Locklear,Photographs of Non-Hams
1W0XCW0XC,Photographs of Hams
2Dick Haungs, W2UJRHowes,Silent Keys
3W2UJR,Photographs of Hams
4W2OY (1957)K2JVM,Photographs of Hams
4W2UJR (1957)K2JVM,Photographs of Hams
5Curing B&W 5100B DriftClinton,Miscellaneous - Technical
7W4ULL,Photographs of Hams
91998 ARRL Colorado State Convention & The Denver Radio Club's Annual Hamfest, The,Hamfests/Conventions
9Operating Vintage Tube Radio Broadcast Station (Radiofest XVII),Miscellaneous - Operating
10Fifty Watter From the 1950's, AHyder,Transmitters
14Retro Radio FlightRiff,Military
15K7SC,Photographs of Hams
16K5OZO (1960),Photographs of Hams
16W7DRA,Photographs of Hams
17WA6RBQ,Photographs of Hams
18Tribute to Barry Goldwater, K7UGA, SK, AWiseman,Silent Keys
20CW Special, AVaughan,Construction
28Viking II Modifications - Revisiting a Legend, Part 2Bonomo,Modifications
37K6AD,Photographs of Hams
39Fleamarket/Special Events Station in Waseca, Aug 15/16Wynnemer,Miscellaneous - Operating


ER #111, July 1998

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