ER #103, November 1997

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Issue Contents

0WA7RGQ,Photographs of Hams
2Looking Back (Dealing with the FCC)McCoy,Miscellaneous - General
3W1BDI,Photographs of Hams
3W1HDQ,Photographs of Hams
3W1RU (W1IKE),Photographs of Hams
3W1RW (W1WPO),Photographs of Hams
3W1VG,Photographs of Hams
4Useful Circuits/Update on BC-312/342 Receivers, ER in UniformDuVall,Military
8Turbo Valiant, TheCogswell,Transmitters
12Collins 300J Transmitter RescuedMiller,Transmitters
13KE4LPD,Photographs of Hams
14Vintage Radios and the Internet, Part 1Crestohl,Miscellaneous - Technical
15Sventlana 812A, New Product Announcement,Reviews
16W7LVNK7DBV,Photographs of Hams
16WC3KWA3YXN,Photographs of Hams
17K7DFW,Photographs of Hams
17W6YM,Photographs of Hams
18Ten-Meter News,Miscellaneous - Operating
20Heathkit Mohawk, New Hope For Your, Part OneBonomo,Modifications
26Eico 720 and 730, Hi-Fi Ham Radio, TheBrownstein,Audio and Modulation
26Eico 720 and 730, Hi-Fi Ham Radio, TheBrownstein,Transmitters
30Drake TR-6, TheStigall,Transceivers
33Drake RV-6 Remote VFO, TheStigall,Miscellaneous - Technical
34Cakepanion Regen, TheGelormini,Receivers


ER #103, November 1997

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