ER #100, August 1997


Issue Contents

0W1ICP (At W1AW 1950),Photographs of Hams
2Looking BackMcCoy,Miscellaneous - General
2W1ICP,Photographs of Hams
4Electric Radio in Uniform (BC-441)DuVall,Military
9W0DNOHiggins,Photographs of Hams
9W7EHHiggins,Photographs of Hams
9W7ESHiggins,Photographs of Hams
9Lee Faber, W7EHWiseman,Silent Keys
10Cosmophones - Part Three, TheHarris,Transceivers
17AMI UpdateGagnon,AM International
17Three New Videos (HI-RES Collins)Wiseman,Reviews
18KC0AOTW0AS,Photographs of Hams
18KF0OWW0AS ,Photographs of Hams
18KK5FE,Photographs of Hams
18W0ASW0AS,Photographs of Hams
18W0FDW0AS,Photographs of Hams
18W3DHJW0AS,Photographs of Hams
20Are Radios More Expensive Today? A ResponseHanlon,Miscellaneous - General
24Globe 755, A Very Good VFO, TheBrownstein,Miscellaneous - Technical
27K8WPI,Photographs of Hams
27WD8AXA,Photographs of Hams
28Revisiting the 304TLMeadows,Miscellaneous - Technical
322nd Annual MRCG GatheringEustaquio,Military
33KD6KWH,Photographs of Hams
34Pierson Holt KE-93 Communications Receiver, The,Receivers
37Eskil Holt (At KFSD 1939),Photographs of Non-Hams


ER #100, August 1997

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