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The Collins 75A-4 Handbook

Our book formerly known as the “Collins 75A-4 Modification Compendium” is now called the “Collins 75A-4 Handbook.” It has been expanded to 232 pages and highlights the history and development at Collins Radio Company that lead to the famous Collins 75A-4 receiver as documented over the years in Electric Radio magazine. It has all of the factory modification bulletins from Collins Radio Company, all the articles printed in CQ, Ham Radio, QST, and Electric Radio magazines over the last 50-plus years. A special section explains the cathode-coupled, dual-triode receiver mixer, commonly called a “Pullen Mixer,” with information on Keats Pullen with his original mixer documents. Another special section details component identification in the 75A-4 so that repairs can efficiently be made.
It has been updated during June 2013 with a rare Collins document TM-303-9, “Production Test Procedure for 75A-4 Amateur Receiver,” as revised October 2001 by George Stevens, WØATA, a retired Collins test engineer, plus other articles never published in Electric Radio. Many pages are now in full color.


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