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The Collins 75A-4 Handbook

The Collins 75A-4 Handbook: This is a newly revised and expanded volume produced by Electric Radio, (formerly titled the “75A-4 Modification Compendium”) having all the factory service bulletins from Collins Radio and Collins Addendum info not in the Service Bulletins. Includes all-new articles never published in Electric Radio, plus all 33 75A-4 articles printed in Electric Radio since 1989, some of which are out-of-print in the back issues, discussing the background that lead to the 75A-4, plus everything from CQ, Ham Radio, and QST over the last 50+ years, now 232 pages, many in color.

The expanded version highlights the history and development at Collins Radio Company that lead to the famous Collins 75A-4 receiver as documented over the years in Electric Radio magazine. A special section explains the cathode-coupled, dual-triode receiver mixer, commonly called a “Pullen Mixer,” with information on Keats Pullen with his original mixer documents. Another special section details component identification in the 75A-4 so that repairs can efficiently be made.

It has been updated during June 2013 with a rare Collins document TM-303-9, “Production Test Procedure for 75A-4 Amateur Receiver,” as revised October 2001 by George Stevens, WØATA, a retired Collins test engineer, plus other articles never published in Electric Radio. Many pages are now in full color.


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