ER #362, July 2019

ER #362, July 2019



Issue Contents

2The Hallicrafters SX-62 SWL ReceiverGeorge Misic, KE8RNReceivers
7The Unsurpassed R-390F ReceiverPaolo Viappiani,Receivers
12A Utility 80 Meter Receiver Front EndBryant Julestrom, KCØZNGConstruction
17Beyond The HarmonikerDave Gordon-Smith, G3UURMiscellaneous - Technical
27An Easy Upgrade for Classic ReceiversBill Hooper, KF6ARModifications
31The R-122A/ARN-12 Marker BeaconCharlie Liberto, W4MECER in Uniform
38Converting a Tube-Type 11 Meter CB Tx to 10 MetersPhil LegatePhil Legate,Transmitters
43Tube Lore II: A Book ReviewRay Osterwald, NØDMSMiscellaneous - General
44ER MailbagER Readers,Miscellaneous - General
45Vintage NetsER Readers,Vintage Nets
50Classifed Advertising, Vintage Equiment Only!ER Readers,Classifieds

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