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Here are some recommended links related the operation, preservation and restoration of vintage radio equipment. Please report any broken links you may find.

Don Buska’s On-Line Electric Radio Index
Don Buska’s (n9oo) searchable Electric Radio index. It is a great resource!

Drake Information on CD
High resolution, full color photos of the chassis and boards with all parts identified and referenced to a parts list. Full high resolution scans of the original manuals, plus manuals for related equipment are included.

A collection of field changes and service information for each model and all schematic versions are also included. Files are available for 2-B, 2-C/2NT, R-4A Early, or R-4A Late/T-4X, R-4B/T-4XB, R-4C/T-4XC, TR-4 and TR-4C. Files may be downloaded, with a CD available for a small additional fee. 

For more information contact Garey Barrell, K4OAH, at k4oah@mindspring.com

ENCO Machine Tools and Supplies
ENCO is a Nevada-base supplier of machine tools and supplies that carries all of the cutting oils and lubricants discussed in Electric Radio home brew articles. Ask for their free catalog.

The “ManualMan”–Pete Markavage, (WA2CWA)–carries a full line of vintage manuals.

Quality Vintage Manual Reprints
Ken, at radioreprints.com, sells manual reprints for our popular “boat anchors.” See site for more info.

Tom’s Antique Radio Repair
For Antique Radio Repair – All Makes, Tube and Transistor types.

Vintage Electronics Repair
Jobe Electronix in Marion,IL specializes in vintage electronic repair. Over 40 years experience in vintage radio and test equipment repair. Also offering vintage electronic parts and supplies.

Contact: Mike Jobe 7333 Norris Dr., Marion,IL 62959 Ph. 618-993-6340 Email: mike41351@aol.com

W5CZ Heavy Metal Museum
Rod Perala, W5CZ, owns and operates classic American amateur radio equipment that was the pride of many operators. Stop by his web site for an enjoyable look at Rod’s excellent museum!