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Vintage Anthology, Revised Edition
VINTAGE ANTHOLOGY is a 209 page collection of 42 articles written by David W. Ishmael, WA6VVL, for Electric Radio Magazine. The articles were written between September 1991 and March 2003. Aside from the first 14 pages, VINTAGE ANTHOLOGY has been completely reorganized and re-paginated. The original articles from BOOK 1 have been retained and 13 articles added for an additional 69 pages of text and photos that is valuable information for builders and restorers

. These articles cover a wide variety of subjects, with an emphasis on home-brew construction projects. Mr. Ishmael is a craftsman when it comes to building radio equipment.

There are also several excellent articles on equipment restoration, such as the Hallicrafters SX-100, several Johnson transmitters and equipment from Heath.

One of the continuing favorites is Dave's 5-band 100 watt CW transmitter project, built mostly with surplus and parts from swap meets. The book is complete with excellent, clearly drawn schematic diagrams and sharp photographs. It comes in an 81/2 x 11 inch spiral bound format so that it opens flat on the reader's bench. If you appreciate home built radio equipment, you will appreciate this book!

Price: $19.75