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Tube Lore II
After being out-of-print for many years, Ludwell Sibley has released an updated version II of his classic book on electron tubes. Tube Lore II is an excellent reference to electron tube history and tube production. I was not able to find any tube type that is not listed!

This new version is 288 pages of text, 102 more pages than the original version had. Also included is a data CD of important information, one section covers deciphering tube date codes, most of which has not been available until now.

The new version of the book covers about 13,000 ( ! ! ) tube types, plus another 4800 or so radar / microwave parts on the data CD.  Also on the disk is info on very strange and unusual tube types, another 106 pages. 

The project reflects 20-plus-years years of corporate files (RCA, Eimac) coming out of the woodwork, the release of about 40 years of RMA/EIA tube registrations, plus 19 years of work by the Tube Collector’s Association’s authors.

Price: $34.95