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Practical Radio Repair Volume 2
Although this book as been available for some time now, its value to the restoration and continued use of vintage radio equipment is as great as ever.

Written by Ray Bintliff (W1RY), these two volumes have what is missing from the theory books…real, practical information on correct repair procedures and the vintage components used in radio, and he tells you exactly how to repair vintage electronics with the proper tools and equipment. They are produced in a convenient spiral bound format, perfect for the bench.

Quoting from the book’s introduction, “…The purpose of this book is to provide practical information for the repair and restoration of vacuum tube radios and related electronic devices. The writing level assumes that the reader has, at least, a basic understanding of electronic theory and diagnostics. There are many good text books, especially from the late 1930s and early 1940s, that cover basic electronic theory and radio circuitry. This book will make no attempt to duplicate or improve on those works. Instead, the practical side of radio repair will be its main thrust. However, some discussion of theory and circuit design is included for clarification of troubleshooting and repair instructions. Trouble shooting procedures and repair techniques are treated in separate chapters with the realization that these subjects are interdependent and not easily compartmentalized. The chapters dealing with repairs do include some trouble shooting coverage and vice versa. Trouble shooting methods are covered stage by stage on several types of radios. Obviously all types of failures in all possible radios cannot be addressed individually. …”

Volume 2 concludes with further essential information:

Chapter 1: Special Tools

Chapter 2: Test Adapters

Chapter 3: Chemicals

Chapter 4: Supplies

Chapter 5: Test Equipment

Chapter 6: Shop Setup

Chapter 7: Small DIY Projects

Chapter 8: Documentation

Price: $26.95