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Tube Type Transmitters
Electric Radio is offering "Tube Type Transmitters" and it’s available right now. Written by Eugene Rippen, this second edition was published shortly before his passing in 2011.

We think this is an excellent 345 page book and is likely the best book ever produced that covers a broad spectrum of classic amateur radio tube type transmitters, modulators, VFOs, power supplies, and antenna tuners produced during the important period from 1920 to 1980.

There are over 982 illustrations, and one section is in color!

Have you ever seen the “Creative H-316 Airmaster” from 1959? It’s fully described here and is an example of how complete this book really is. There are even descriptions of commercial rigs that were also offered to hams years ago, such as the VHF “Comco Fleetcom 580.”

In contrast to Moore’s classic book "Transmitters, Exciters, and Power Amplifiers," which is now out-of-print, the photos are excellent and can be used to clearly identify our transmitters. There is even one color section that has photos of some very uncommon gear, such as the Babcock MT5-A, Eldico T-102, and the Swan TV-2.

The index material very useful. The first index shows transmitter types and gives the corresponding PA tube compliment, and the other index is by PA tube type and it shows what equipment they were used with.

Due to its weight, shipping is slightly higher ($6.00 for USPS Media Mail) than other books.

Price: $26.95