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1 Year Bundle of Back Issues
We have a large number of back issues available, from May 1989 to the present time. Unfortunately, due to the high cost of reprints, there are also quite a few that are out-of-stock.

You can find the issues that are out-of-stock by going to the home page "Back Issues" tab, selecting the issue number, and then try adding it to your cart. If it's not available you will get a message that says: "We're sorry - this product is no longer available." These back issues are either from the original press run or are new offset-printed copies from the original negatives. We use only archival-quality, acid-free paper to print Electric Radio.

This bundle may be any 12 issues. They do not need to be consecutive issues and they do not need to be the same year. Indicate at checkout which 12 issues you would like us to send!

If you are purchasing an entire year, indicate in your "User Notes" at the checkout page which year you would like.

These are shipped by media mail in new shipping boxes to US addresses. We discount shipping by about 30%. (Please request overseas shipping costs by email or telephone.)

There is an on-line ER index at under the "links" tab on our home page.

Price: $40.00