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Here you can subscribe to the popular Electric Radio magazine, now in in circulation over 30 years. Electric Radio is published primarily for those who appreciate and continue to use vintage radio communications equipment and also for those who are interested in the rich history of radio.

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We depend on our readers to supply material for Electric Radio. Our reader’s interest is in articles that pertain to vintage amateur or shortwave equipment, with an emphasis on traditional AM, but articles on CW and SSB are also needed. Photos of hams in their  radio shacks are always appreciated. We invite those interested in writing for Electric Radio to write, call, or E-Mail the editor. Electric Radio wishes to thank all of our regular contributors for their fine work.

The new August 2020 issue will be mailed on-time, August 6th, but due to problems with the United States Postal Service, DO NOT expect delivery at the same date as in years past…this is totally out of our control.

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We have found delivery times to be totally unpredictable. In normal times, it used to be about 3-4 days for 1st class delivery and up to 3 weeks for Periodicals-class delivery.

What's in the ER #375, August 2020 Issue:
Article Author
A 1928 3-Tube Regenerative Receiver Mike Bittner, W6MAB
QSB — "Your Spark Is Bad" Ludwell Sibley, KB2EVN
Building a Power Supply for the Heathkit HA-14 John Hecht, K6KOI
The Watkins-Johnson 8617-8618 Receivers, Part 2 Paolo Viappiani,
Restoration Corner: Spooky Electronics Ray Osterwald, NØDMS
New Life for you Heathkit SA-1480 Remote Coax Switch John Werthman, KOØT
The SX-101 Dream Receiver Tom Rousseau, K7PJT
A Letter From Brian Brian Harrison, KN4R
ER Mailbag ER Readers,
Vintage Nets ER Readers,
Classified Advertising, Vintage Equipment Only! ER Readers,

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