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 What's in the August 2014 Issue:
Classified Advertising, Vintage Equipment Only! ER Readers 
CW Capability for a Plate Modulated Broadcast Rig Don Chester K4KYV
Johnson Desk Kilowatt Fan Fix Gary Halverson,  K6GLH
Photos ER Readers 
Testing a Tube that is Not in the Tube Chart Rodney Colton,  WA1SXW
The RCA AVA-126A Power Supply Breck Smith,  K4CHE
The SSR-201 “Watch-Dog” Aperiodic Receiver Brian Harrison,  KN4R
Vintage Nets ER Readers 
What in the World is a Hart 75? Jack Shutt,  W9GT

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Welcome to Electric Radio Online, where you can subscribe to the popular Electric Radio magazine which is published primarily for those who appreciate vintage radio gear and those who are interested in the history of radio. You can also purchase a number of related products like data CDs, books, videos, book boxes, Collins filters, etc.

We depend on our readers to supply material for Electric Radio. Our interest is in articles that pertain to vintage amateur or shortwave equipment and operating with an emphasis on AM, but articles on CW and SSB are also needed. Photos of hams in their hamshacks are always appreciated. We invite those interested in writing for Electric Radio to write, call, or E-Mail the editor. Electric Radio wishes to thank our Regular Contributors.