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PO Box 242 Bailey CO 80421-0242
Telephone: 720-924-0171

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 What's in the April 2014 Issue:
A Compactron Regulated Power Supply Mike Bittner,  W6MAB
Adding 17 & 12 Meters to a Butternut HV-6 Antenna Larry Will, W3LW
Classified Advertising, Vintage Equipment Only! ER Readers 
Command Control Center for Command Receivers Louis L. D’Antuono,  WA2CBZ
Hamfest Calendar Tom Dailey,  WØEAJ
Photos ER Readers 
The Globe Master One kW AM Transmitter, Part 3 Henry Hurrass, KB7OCY
The Hammarlund HQ-160 D.S. "Jeep" Platt, K3HVG
The Pill Bottle T/R Relay Hal Guretzky, K6DPZ
Vintage Nets ER Readers 

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Welcome to Electric Radio Online, where you can subscribe to the popular Electric Radio magazine which is published primarily for those who appreciate vintage radio gear and those who are interested in the history of radio. You can also purchase a number of related products like data CDs, books, videos, book boxes, Collins filters, etc.

We depend on our readers to supply material for Electric Radio. Our interest is in articles that pertain to vintage amateur or shortwave equipment and operating with an emphasis on AM, but articles on CW and SSB are also needed. Photos of hams in their hamshacks are always appreciated. We invite those interested in writing for Electric Radio to write, call, or E-Mail the editor. Electric Radio wishes to thank our Regular Contributors.